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I’ve been hard at work on some things. Here’s what’s been cooking in the kitchen.


I am a film editor and motion design artist with 12+ years of experience in award-winning films, television, and non-profit ministries. I’ve worked with scripted, documentary, and live content, and has overseen every part of post-production. You can see examples of my work in the Portfolio.


I love telling stories that inspire adventure and wonder. From children’s to adult, check out my Published Works and find your next read.


Thoughts on editing documentaries, by Steve Audette, ACE

Recently on The Rough Cut Podcast, Steve Audette, ACE shared his thoughts on cutting documentaries for Frontline. Frontline is an in-depth doc series from PBS and has been around since 1983. The whole interview is fascinating, as Steve recounts his journey through editing and the process for the Frontline team. Along the way, he shared …


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